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The U-Spy Store: Security Solutions You Can Trust

The U-Spy Store is your ultimate destination if you want premium electronic security equipment for prices that you can afford. With more than 30 years in the industry, we are able to provide our customers with the cutting edge products and solutions that they need to get reliable and accurate information during their spy missions or covert operations. From hidden camera systems and wireless spy cameras, to audio surveillance equipment, GPS tracking devices, professional voice changers, bugging devices, motion activated cameras and more, we offer a range of diverse products that will meet all needs and budgets.

Whether you are looking for spy cameras for sale, wireless surveillance camera systems, or any other type of spy equipment, we are the go to source. Our professional installation technicians and security experts are highly trained to ensure that all of your security equipment needs are met in an efficient and effective manner. Good evidence collection techniques are essential if you want to complete your investigation. Whether you are an amateur that is interested in learning how to spy, or a professional individual that works in the field of law enforcement, we are your one stop shop security equipment solution provider.

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Contact us today if you would like a consultation to determine the best type of equipment for your specific needs, or if you have any questions about the services or products that our company offers. Whether you want spy cameras for the home, or any other type of security product, we are one of the leading spy equipment stores in the industry.


Featured Products

Semen Detection KitEagleEye Live GPS TrackerGlasses with Hidden Spy Camera and RecorderWireless Camera and Bug Detector

CheckMate Semen Detection Infidelity Test Kit
(2 Reviews)

Erase all suspicion and doubt once and for all!

Was: $59.95

Save: $20.95

Web price: $39.00

EagleEye Live GPS Tracker
(6 Reviews)

Our smallest realtime GPS yet!

Was: $299.99

Save: $100.00

Web price: $199.99

Glasses with Hidden Spy Camera and Recorder
(3 Reviews)

Lighter and smaller than any other glasses camera

Was: $299.99

Save: $50.00

Web price: $249.99

High Frequency (RF) Wireless Camera and Bug Detector
(9 Reviews)

High Frequency (RF) Wireless Camera and Bug Detector

Was: $159.95

Save: $30.00

Web price: $129.95

Home Security CamerasMemoQ Digital Audio Voice Recorder PenData Recovery DeviceLock Pick Set

Home Guard with Motion Detection Hidden Camera DVR 4GB
(4 Reviews)

Camera, recorder, and motion detector all-in-one.

Was: $399.95

Save: $200.00

Web price: $199.95

MemoQ Plug & Play Voice Recorder Pen MQ-72N
(8 Reviews)

256MB Pen Voice Recorder - No software required

Was: $284.95

Save: $155.00

Web price: $129.95

Paraben iPhone iRecovery Spy Stick
(10 Reviews)

Recover deleted text messages, map searches, hidden contacts and more!

Was: $235.95

Save: $106.00

Web price: $129.95

SouthOrd Professional Locksmith Kit with 14 pieces MXPS-14
(7 Reviews)

This greatly improved set has just become the best seller.

Was: $53.95

Save: $26.00

Web price: $27.95

SVAT Alarm Clock with Hidden Spy Camera and Recorder PI300Outdoor Security CameraPepper SprayZetta Mini Security Camera and Recorder Z12

SVAT Alarm Clock with Hidden Spy Camera and Recorder PI300
(6 Reviews)

Covert alarm clock DVR with built-in color spy camera

Was: $399.95

Save: $149.96

Web price: $249.99

SVAT Outdoor Imitation Camera ISC300
(3 Reviews)

SVAT Outdoor Dummy (Simulated) Camera

Was: $24.99

Save: $3.00

Web price: $21.99

Wild Fire Pepper Spray 0.5 oz UV
(1 Review)

Ground Shipping Only!

Was: $11.95

Save: $2.00

Web price: $9.95

Zetta Mini Security Camera and Recorder Z12
(4 Reviews)

Perfect for car, home, or office!

Was: $99.99

Save: $25.00

Web price: $74.99