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eBlaster Mobile for BlackBerry®

eBlaster Mobile for BlackBerryeBlaster Mobile for BlackBerry
eBlaster Mobile for BlackBerry®
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eBLASTER Mobile for BlackBerry® Remote Monitoring Surveillance Software for your mobile phone provides reliable surveillance from any location with eBlaster Mobile.

It installs on BlackBerry® smartphones within minutes and can be remotely configured though a secure website. eBlaster Mobile automatically emails you an easy-to-read Activity Report with an employee's call logs, email and text activity. Plus, you can immediately receive transcripts of email and text messages sent and received, when you need to ensure employees are not violating company policies or leaking confidential information.

Key Benefits:

  • Supervise employee activity on company-issued BlackBerry smartphones
  • Know whether the contents of mobile email and text messages are in violation of corporate policies
  • Determine if your employees are making or receiving too many personal calls during work hours
  • Keep track of your mobile workforce with ease!


  • Records all emails and text messages sent and received from a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Forwards both sides of every email and text message sent and received
  • Keeps a detailed call log of who, when, and how long employees talk on the phone
  • Monitor from anywhere... reports are sent automatically to your email address
  • Access and modify eBlaster Mobile settings securely over the Internet
    Install and Walk Away
    Install eBlaster Mobile on company-issued BlackBerry smartphones running v4.2 or higher. It's that simple!
    eBlaster Mobile will immediately go to work by automatically recording your employees mobile activity, including all voice call logs, email and text messages sent and received.

    With eBlaster Mobile, you will:

  • See what they TEXT
  • All SMS/text messages (both sides!)
  • Know what they EMAIL
  • All mobile email messages sent and received
  • Record what they DIAL
  • Get a call log report sent to your email address


  • BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2 through v7.0
    (Click "options", then "about" from your Smartphone to check your version)
  • A service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry Browser

    Note: Shipping charges will be removed after order is placed due to electronic delivery of license key

  • BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2 through v7.0
    (Click "options", then "about" from your Smartphone to check your version)
  • A service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry Browser
  • eBlaster Mobile for BlackBerry
    5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
    5 Stars

    The best it will ever get for Blackberry Spying
    May 20, 2013
    I learned a lot on my journey of determining my wife's affair. I learned the Blackberry is THE most secure phone. I learned that once a Blackberry text is deleted, it is DELETED. No way of recovering due to the Blackberry operating system. So you need to capture the information before it is deleted. This software is the only one that can do that. You need the phone and you need the password. Good luck on your journey.

    5 Stars

    The only way to go to spy on Blackberry
    May 8, 2013
    Since the Blackberry turns out to be very secure, I could not undelete the deleted text messages. Apparently the Blackberry system does not allow you to undelete text messages. They are gone forever. So this is the only way to capture them before undeleting. It spies on everything except the voice recording from phone calls but will give you a call log. Very helpful tool that is the only option on a Blackberry phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Will eBlaster Mobile work on my phone? eBlaster Mobile supports BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2 though v7.0. You read the emailed Activity Reports sent by eBlaster on ANY computer, phone or mobile device with email access.

  • 2. How do I install this software on a phone? After you've purchased online, you don't need to connect the phone to a computer to install eBlaster Mobile, but you must have physical access to the BlackBerry. You will use the phone's Internet browser to download and install the software. You will need to provide the product serial number (that we send you), your email address where reports will be sent, and a password of your choosing for accessing the web site.

  • 3. What does eBlaster Mobile record? eBlaster records:
    - Email Activity
    - SMS/Text Messages
    - Voice Call Logs
    In addition, eBlaster Mobile can automatically forward you a copy of every email and SMS/text message the moment it is sent or received.

  • 4. How often does eBlaster Mobile send Activity Reports? Activity Reports are automatically sent as often as every 30 minutes or as infrequently as once a day to any email address you choose.

  • 5. Am I allowed to install this software on somebody else's phone? You may only install eBlaster Mobile on a BlackBerry that you own. Before you install the software, you must agree to use it only on a phone you own. eBlaster Mobile is appropriate for parents monitoring a phone given to their children or employers monitoring a phone provided to their employee. Any adult using a phone with eBlaster Mobile installed should be notified and provide consent to monitoring.

  • 6. Can I monitor my spouse with this software? You should NOT attempt to monitor your spouse, significant other or adult children with any SpectorSoft product without the consent and knowledge of such persons. Doing so may violate local, state or federal laws and you could be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

  • 7. Should I inform my employees or others that they are being monitored? Yes. The SpectorSoft software license agreement requires that you inform anyone being monitored.

  • 8. Can I use the information recorded with eBlaster Mobile as evidence in a court of law? SpectorSoft cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the recordings in a court of law. A judge determines the admissibility of evidence on a case by case basis. You should assume that the information recorded would not be permitted as evidence.

  • 9. I am concerned that my children or employees will try to interfere with or disable the operation of eBlaster Mobile. eBlaster is designed to be as tamper-proof as possible. eBlaster does not show up in the Applications Folder or BlackBerry App World, and cannot be uninstalled without the eBlaster password which YOU specify. However, you are required by the SpectorSoft license agreement to install eBlaster ONLY on a device you own and to inform anyone using your phone that monitoring software has been installed. You may also be required by local, state or federal laws to inform anyone who may use your phone that logging software has been installed on your BlackBerry.

  • 10. So, if eBlaster Mobile does not show up anywhere, how do I get into it? To view the email reports sent to you, you do not have to open eBlaster. The reports have been sent to the email account you selected. In fact, after installing eBlaster Mobile, most people never need to access the BlackBerry again. You can change eBlaster Settings remotely (via a web interface) any time you are viewing an eBlaster report. Simply click a Change Settings link on an Activity Report and login from your computer. There is no need to gain access to the BlackBerry where eBlaster Mobile is installed to change where, when or how often your reports are sent.

  • 11. Does eBlaster Mobile use an email account on the phone to send Activity Reports? No. eBlaster has a built-in email client that will automatically send reports without using any email accounts setup on the phone. This means that those email accounts will not expose any trace of the sent reports or forwarded emails.
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