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GPS Loggers

GPS Loggers

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GPS Loggers are a perfect way to track a car’s movements without investing much money. Loggers record all the routes and destinations a car travels as both a written log as well as a mapped report. Information can be retrieved when the logger is physically removed from the car or truck and then downloaded to a PC computer. With no monthly fees, GPS Loggers are the economical way to track cars and trucks on a limited budget. Each logger will differ in battery life, reports, and size of the unit.

All GPS Loggers are qualified under a U-Spy 90 day warranty.

Featured Products:

GPS Devices
iTrail GPS Logger Passive Tracking Device
(5 Reviews)

Small enough to fit on your car, child's backpack, virtually anywhere!

Was: $289.95

Save: $99.96


GPS Devices
LandAirSea Tracking Key GPS Logger LAS-1505
(8 Reviews)

Highly affordable GPS vehicle tracking system that records driving.

Was: $349.95

Save: $159.96


Tracking Device
Trackstick GPS Logger

Will work anywhere on the planet!

Was: $334.95

Save: $85.00


Tracking Device
LandAirSea GPS Tracking System with External Antenna 3100-EXT

Water resistant GPS tracking system is great for monitoring any vehicle.

Was: $598.95

Save: $360.00


Tracking Device
Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

GPS logger with 80 hours of battery life!

Was: $439.95

Save: $175.00