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About U-SPY

The U-Spy Store is an Electronic Security Equipment Company owned and operated by a licensed Private Investigator and assisted by a team of highly expert and trained personnel including CCTV technicians, security installers and highly trained sales staff. With over 30 years in the detective agency business, our team runs 2 brick and mortar stores allowing customers to browse and experience our products.

The U-Spy Store's main location is located near the corner of Fullerton and Western in the city of Chicago, IL. Our suburban satellite store located in nearby Motron Grove, IL servicing the north and northwest suburbs of Chicagoland. Our company has an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an excellent reputation with private detectives, security personnel as well as companies and individuals who require and use our highly reliable products and services.

The U-Spy Store is a complete, full service security store, specially equipped to supply you with security, surveillance and privacy products as well as sage advice. You will receive experienced professional recommendations in a most discreet and confidential manner. We offer full service tech support for the life of the product. So when you have a product question, our expert technical assistance is only an email or phone call away.

The U-Spy Store offers everything from video surveillance cameras, night vision cameras, infrared cameras, motion activated cameras, IP cameras, HD-SDI Cameras, high resolution cameras, network video recorders, digital video recorders for surveillance, hidden cameras, nanny cameras, wireless cameras, body worn hidden cameras, covert cameras and much more. Understanding “good evidence” in a criminal or civil matter is a most important factor when considering video security products. At U-Spy, we understand this from our years of experience working in both police as well as private matters.

Bugging Devices, Transmitters, Phone Taps, and Property or Physical Crime are a real threat to you, your family, and your business. Criminal activity is a growing threat with the poor state of our economic climate. The sophisticated methods used by criminals will overwhelm most people. U-Spy encourages you to protect yourself with the latest countermeasure equipment to protect yourself from the serious and constant threats. A need for more advanced security products is required to stay ahead of modern day criminals. The U-Spy Store provides you with these high quality video surveillance products and services at the most affordable prices.

On the surveillance and investigations, U-Spy has the latest spyware, spy software and forensic tools for computers, Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones. Key loggers and software we offer can bypass passwords and undelete text messages and files that were deliberately deleted such as photos, documents and text messages. You can easily undelete items from a cell phone or a computer with these sophisticated yet easy to use tools.

Call U-Spy today and receive a free complimentary telephone or on-site consultation in the Chicago area. Our stores have full working displays with our most popular IP Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Infrared IR Cameras as well as PC Based DVRs, Mac Compatible DVRs with the capability of being viewed on iPhones, Androids as well as most other smart phones remotely.

Check out our stores! Seeing is believing!