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Not your typical use for voice recorders

Voice recorders are usually used to capture all kinds of sounds. The range of function for voice recorders is mostly thought to just capture voices or any sound for that matter, but this article introduces a whole new view on the possibilities to utilize such device. Though our selection of voice recorders aren't reel based and haven't been used for musical purposes, to my knowledge, there may yet be someone, like the ensemble in this article, to prove otherwise.

The group in this article is called Open Reel Ensemble for a very good reason. They use reel-to-reel tape recorders from the 70's/80's in order to make electronic sounds that they use as a part of their music. Not only do they use these old school voice reels, they also incorporate other materials such as a room fan or pieces of bamboo to create the unique style they like to describe as "magnetic punk." The interesting contraptions they use as instruments are built from scratch keeping the voice recorders as the main source of sound and the other materials are built around that. An example of one of their devices is called "tape bamboo" and it consists of just that pieces of bamboo and the tape from the voice reels. The sounds the reels produce can be compared to a digital/electronic effect that is then used to create their music by either isolating the sound to make a catchy beat or by adding vocals for their performances or other auditory works. Although the group is in Japan, they do have 3 albums out so far and some of their songs can be found on YouTube. They've had a few concerts in Japan so far so if anyone finds themselves flying over there anytime soon be sure to check them out and be sure to pick up your own digital voice recorder to capture the unique sound of Open Reel Ensemble.

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