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  • Not your typical use for voice recorders

    Voice recorders are usually used to capture all kinds of sounds. The range of function for voice recorders is mostly thought to just capture voices or any sound for that matter, but this article introduces a whole new view on the possibilities to utilize such device. Though our selection of voice recorders aren't reel based and haven't been used for musical purposes, to my knowledge, there may yet be someone, like the ensemble in this article, to prove otherwise. Read More

  • DVR Maintenance Tips

    As a service to you, we are supplying you with some helpful tips to keep your video security system up, DVR and cameras, and running well. A little prevention or self help can save you money and keep your system healthy. Read More

  • 13-year-old boy recorded talk with principal — now being charged with eavesdropping felony

    13-year-old boy recorded talk with principal — now being charged with eavesdropping felony

    I am wondering if the fact that he is blind can offset the issue that he could not take actual notes.  I hate to see a 13 year old kid being charged as an adult with a felony.  Seems pretty extreme to me.

  • FAQs

    Here are some frequently asked questions we have received with answers for you to review.

    Q - I work in a very competitive office situation that everyone wants new marketing ideas.  I've have the feeling that my office has been under some sort of surveillance since my ideas have come up and I haven't said anything.  I put in my office a very hidden audio/video recorder that plugs into the wall and adapts to 110 volts AC.  That very night someone comes into my office and looks at all the USB ports on my computer, looks at the walls and ceiling looking for something but couldn't find it.  So not only are they bugging me, but they know when I have bugs in my office.  I was wondering if there is a device that can jam them from knowing I have surveillance in my office?

    A - The device you are using requires someone with some basic knowledge of hidden cameras or a device known as a non-linear junction detector to find it.  The device you are using does not emit any Wi-Fi as far as what you described so an RF detector cannot find it.  So you seem to be in good shape as of now.
    RF Jammers are not legal in this country but you can legally jam sound.  The difference is one jams radio waves (illegal) and the other jams sound waves (legal).  So when you talk, the sound will be masked by one of the jammer devices we sell.
    The person you described may have been looking for a hidden camera and did not find it.  Not sure what else you can do to prevent someone from entering your space but that would be the area I would focus on.
    Let me know if you have more questions.


    Q - Is the AC adapter camera 5 megapixel?

    A - As of now, February, 2018, the hidden cameras are a maximum of 2 megapixel also known as 1080P.  Keep in mind that this is plenty of quality for a hidden camera which is typically used in a small area.  You would not typically use a hidden camera to view a parking lot or theatre with the hopes of getting details of the far end of the area covered.  Keep in mind that the quality also affects the storage space available.  Since "5" is 2.5 times greater than "2", the recording space will get used 2 and a half times as quickly.  This is a problem as a 10 hour recording storage capacity will be reduced to about 4 hours.  So until there are larger sized recording drives and more demand for higher resolution for this application, there may not be any change in the upcoming months or years.


  • Recommended License Place Installation Settings

    • Height – Recommended height is 3-4 feet, depending on the height of the vehicles and the object distance at the image center from the camera. Usually LPR cameras should be installed a little bit higher than the license plate.
    • Angle – Recommended horizontal angel is no more than 30 degree. However, it also depends on the distance between the camera and object (license plate) image to be captured.
    • Distance – Up to 45ft from the camera to the object (license plate) image to be captured.
    • Vehicle Speed – Recommended vehicle speed is no more than 25 miles per hour in playback mode, and no more than 6 miles per hour in live view mode.
    • Lighting – Avoid direct and strong headlight or backlight. Sometimes lighting conditions in twilight (dawn or dusk) will affect the image quality.
    • FoV Width – recommended FoV (Field of View) is for one traffic lane.
  • New Paraben Stick Updates

    We’re happy to announce that the iRecovery Stick and Phone Recovery Sticks have new offline updaters to fix the issue with Windows 10. Since users that are experiencing this issue cannot use the updater within the software, they must download the offline updaters. If you are experiencing problems running Paraben sticks on Windows 10, please visit the the following updater pages:

    iRecovery Stick Updater

    Phone Recovery Stick Updater

    New sticks going out will not have the need to be updated but any older Paraben stick will need to be updated.

    Call us with any questions or issues.

  • Hidden Camera Discovered in Chicago Suburban Walgreens

    Perry Myers is interviewed by Mike Puccinelli of CBS affiliate news reporter at the Morton Grove, U-Spy Store.  Mike and Perry discuss the potential for the DesPlaines police department to make an arrest based on the possibility of evidence obtained from the hidden camera found in the Walgreen's bathroom.   Read More

  • The Lack of Value Buying Cheap Security Camera Kits

    It's hard not to find a store selling security cameras these days.  Home Depot, Sam's Club, Costco, Menards, Best Buy and other stores are selling all inclusive packages.  But I want to discuss whether buying these do-it-yourself kits make sense.

    Read More

  • Why is pepper spray used for self defense?


    A lot of people ask why should I use or carrying pepper spray. Responses for those questions quite are simple. Walking the dog or jogging late at night, getting out of work late, taking public transportation or having an ex-partner who is stalking or harassing. Read More

  • WiFi Based Surveillance Cameras


    WiFi cameras come in different shapes and sizes, some are hidden inside of your everyday household objects, such as clock radios, motion sensors, and AC adapters, while others are not as covert. Most WiFi cameras come with high definition resolution of 1-2 Mega Pixels. There is on site storage by inserting a Micro SD card as well as live streaming to any iOS or OS operating device. Read More

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