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Coaxial Video Ground Loop Fault Isolator

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Coaxial Video Ground Loop Fault Isolator
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Coaxial Video Ground Loop Fault Isolator

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Really did wonders on my camera
I was able to fix an issue with a camera being distorted by just adding this. I called for help and they suggested this quick and easy fix and it worked like a miracle.
Review by Charles / (Posted on 7/23/2013)
Stabalized my video image
I learned about this from the installer. Apparently there was a problem with an old video line and my security camera video was jumpy. This stabilized the image and got rid of the jumpiness and noise in the camera screen.
Review by James / (Posted on 5/11/2013)

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Coaxial Video Ground Loop Fault Isolator is available for purchase in increments of 1
Eliminates picture tearing, cross talk and rolling in your video screen!

Prevents power cables laid by others interfering with the CCTV system!

Eliminates many image issues and DVR interference!

Built in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection!

Got Ground Loop Problems?

The Ground Loop Isolator is a passive device which reduces Ground Loop Interference with CCTV Video signals and can be easily installed in a new or add to existing systems. It's useful where a Video signal is transmitted via cable between points with difference ground potentials. Differences in ground potential are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads. It use to prevent video signal distortion caused by video ground loops, eliminates picture tearing, humming bars, cross talk and rolling, prevents power cables laid by others interfering with the CCTV system. The GL01 has built in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection for extra interference rejection.

Protects with Isolation Voltage: 600VDC (min): Insulation Resistance: 100m Ohm

Transient Voltage Suppressors: 12 Vrms

Q: Where to Install the Ground Loop Isolator? A: The Video Ground Loop Isolator should be installed at the CCTV Camera end by connecting the BNC Male connector of the Isolator to the camera and the BNC Male connector of the coaxial cable to the BNC Female connector on the Isolator. In a multi-camera installation it is recommended that a Video Ground Loop Isolator be installed for each camera that is having image problems.

A ground loop is an electrical problem that happens when an AC current interferes with the ground reference level of the video signal. It occurs on the conductive path formed by the shield of the video cable and the chassis of the video equipment.

A loop results from the difference between the voltage potential of the shield at one end of the cable, versus the voltage potential of the shield at the other end. The electrical level of the shield is usually 0 volts. When a ground loop is present, this level fluctuates above and below 0 volts. The greater the difference, the more severe the distortion or tearing. If the potential is too great it can destroy the equipment.

These are common signs of ground loop issues.

  • Slight distortion of the picture

  • Hum bar or bars

Ground loops are an after-the-fact type of problem in which the end-user blames the installer, the installer blames the manufacturer, and actually nobody is at fault. Neither the manufacturer nor the installer can predict where a loop will occur. Only after the system is installed can it be determined if a problem will exist. Ground loop problems can be corrected. It is important for both the dealer and the end user to be aware that this problem can occur.

  • BNC male to BNC female with mini cable 15cm on both sides
  • Passive, no power required
  • Prevents video-signal distortion caused by video ground loops
Additional Information

Additional Information

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