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Paraben iPhone iRecovery Spy Stick

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Paraben iPhone iRecovery Spy Stick
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Quick Overview
The Paraben iPhone recovery stick is a device that will retrieve deleted data from an iPhone running up to iOS v11.x You must have the phone in hand to recover the data. Connect the phone and the recovery stick to the computer at the same time and run the software to begin retrieving the data. The recovery process may take more than a few hours to finish. If you cannot keep the phone for that long, you can run a backup of the phone and then use the backup to retrieve the data. The type of data the iRecovery will retrieve is deleted text messages, pictures, web history, contacts, and call logs. There is no guarantee that a specific piece of data will be recovered; since there is not a specific time frame data will still be stored on the phones memory. When a new piece of data is received it will overwrite deleted data. Your antivirus MUST be disabled before the stick is connected to the computer. The iRecovery Stick runs on Windows Vista, 2000, 7, 8, and 10.

It currently supports iPhones running any OS through iOS 11.x

  • NOTE: In iOS 11.4.1 which recently came out, messages are being wiped from the phone after 12 hours. We recommend to do an iTunes back-up nightly and then using the iRecovery on the back-up.

  • NOTE: You must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a recovery. Does not work with "jailbroken" or "hacked" iPhones!

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    Excelent undelete text tool
    Works very well with my iPhone. Undeleted text messages in about 3 hours.
    Review by Todd / (Posted on 11/5/2013)
    Good Tool but takes time
    The software was able to undelete old text messages from the iPhone. It took several hours as the phone first had to be backed up and then the whole process was time consuming. Not complaining. Just want people to know if took call day to complete. Backup was 1 hour. Recovery about 4 hours. You don't need the phone after the backup is complete.
    Review by Kenneth / (Posted on 10/24/2013)
    Very handy tool to retreive deleted text messages
    works great on any iPhone. I was able to get messages back from 4 months ago.
    Review by Patrick / (Posted on 10/17/2013)
    Pretty cool undelete program
    Excellent results undeleting information from my iPhone.
    Review by Jon Samson / (Posted on 10/3/2013)
    does find deleted text messages
    This works! I was so excited to see that after 4 hours of time before the process ended, the deleted text messages were recovered. Very impressed.
    Review by Janet / (Posted on 7/15/2013)
    i love it!
    worked well in getting my deleted text messages and call logs off my iPhone. easy to use.
    Review by cynthia / (Posted on 6/18/2013)
    Easy to use but takes a long time
    So first you backup your phone to itunes (takes about an hour), then you can get rid of the phone since you really don't need it. Then you work on the backup to get the deleted text messages from the iphone. You do need the phone password for this to work. But it works great and gives you everything from the phone.
    Review by Dennis J / (Posted on 5/24/2013)
    excellent results
    i was able to get the deleted text messages in about 4 hours. it took a long process but it was worth it.
    Review by Lou / (Posted on 5/4/2013)
    found deleted text messages
    I was able to get all the deleted text messages from my wife's iphone and see what she was up to.
    Review by Fernando / (Posted on 4/30/2013)
    Wow! It really works!
    I had no idea that this device could do what it did but I took the chance. My daughter was deleting text messages I needed to see because her boyfriend was 21 and a suspected drug dealer and she was only 17. She knew I was on to her and I could only suspect all the details. It takes a long time for the process to work but the results are awesome. You only need the phone for about an hour as you first backup the phone using iTunes then you don't need the phone. You only need the backup which i think is pretty cool. Then it took about 4 hours for the process to finish and another 6 hours to make an excel spread sheet that I gave to the cops to get rid of this creep for good.
    Review by Dan C / (Posted on 3/28/2013)

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    Paraben iPhone iRecovery Spy Stick is available for purchase in increments of 1
    Recover Data From Your iPhone - Deleted Contacts, Deleted SMS, Deleted Text Messages, and More.
    Now compatible with iOS v11.x
    • You must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a recovery.
    • Does not work with "jailbroken" or "hacked" iPhones!
    • Due to the nature of electronic data storage, it may not be possible to recover all data. Results vary greatly due to uncontrollable circumstances and variables.
    • Antivirus must be disabled before the stick is connected to the computer.

    • iRecovery Stick
    • Connection Cable

    For the Windows 10 Updater please click here.
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod Touch
    • iTunes Backup
    Deleted Recoverable Data from the Phone:
    • Texts (SMS/MMS)
    • iMessages
    • Call History
    • Contacts
    • Calendar Entries
    • Notes
    • Safari Bookmarks
    • Recently Deleted Photos
    Deleted Recoverable Data from Apps:
    • Chrome
    • Gmail
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Twitter
    • WhatsApp
    • KIK
    • Whisper
    • Evernote
    • TextFree
    • TextPlus
    • Vkontakte
    • Encrypted iOS 10 iTunes backup files (Must have encryption key in order for this to work)
    Instructional Video
    Q: Can you select the information you want to recover from the iPhone?
    A: You cannot select the information you want to recover from the iPhone. All the information is saved as one file on the iPhone, therefore selecting the information you want to see is not possible. The iRecovery will pull all the information saved on that specific iPhone.
    How do I run this software from an iTunes backup of my phone?
    • Connect iPhone or iPad to Windows based computer using iTunes.
    • Backup the device using iTunes.
    • Connect the iRecovery stick to the Windows-based PC.
    • Run the iRecovery stick software.
    • Check for iRecovery updates and install updates before proceeding.
    • Run iRecovery process to recover from iTunes Backup.
    • Find the appropriate backup folder for this device. Note that if you backup multiple devices to this PC, you will have multiple files showing in the folder.
    • Click on the backup folder you are seeking and then highlight the "Manifest.mbdb" file.
    • Right-click on this file and make sure that the "Show Hidden Files" is checked.
    • Click "Open" and your recovery will begin.
    [Note that recoveries can take 1 to 4 hours or more. Recoveries are longer on devices with more data and images. After recovery, you can click on the "File" section on the top of the software window and export to an Excel file for easy reviewing. If you don't own Excel (a part of Microsoft Office) you can download a free version of Open Office software by Oracle and use their Calculator software which works as well and is similar to Excel. The exporting process can take as long or longer than the original recovery, so don't plan on doing this whole process in a few minutes; the entire process can take all day. The most important part of the entire process is obtaining the backup file; after that, you do not need the iPhone or iPad to continue the process.]

    Q: Is this device Mac compatible?
    A: No, this device is not Mac compatible.

    Q: Will I have to update the software when a new iOS update comes out?
    A: Yes, you will eventually have to update the software on the stick. Sometimes two or more updates are required.

    Q: Do I need to use my cord that came with my phone to connect it to the computer?
    A: No, it is not required. It is recommended that you use the OEM cable and not a generic cable.

    Q: Do I have to disable my antivirus before use?
    A: Yes, antivirus will need to be disabled before using the stick. Failure to do so will result in malfunction.
    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    manufacturer Paraben
    pdf-link 519Manual.pdf
    availability Usually ships the same business day

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